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Grey Brick Wall
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Hey there!

Hey there, I'm Amy Lo, the visionary founder and owner of Phoenix Marketing & Digital Design. 

With a heart full of passion and a head brimming with ideas, I've dedicated myself to making brands soar! 

I formed a team of digital freelancers to work with our clients.

As the driving force behind our graphic design brilliance, I ensure every pixel speaks volumes. Your dreams, my mission – let's paint the town vibrant together!

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Grey Brick Wall

The Journey

My journey is a testament to the power of transformation and the pursuit of passion. Once a dedicated corporate Supply Chain Management employee, I dared to dream beyond spreadsheets and logistics. Today, I proudly wear the hats of both business owner and digital marketing strategist. It all began with a burning desire to ignite brands and help them reach new heights. From the structured world of supply chains, I ventured into the boundless realm of creativity. Armed with a vision and relentless determination, I founded Phoenix Marketing & Digital Design, a haven for innovative thinking and pixel-perfect execution. Alongside this venture, I also took the helm of Minuteman Press Downtown Calgary, where ink meets inspiration. This incredible journey has taught me that with the right mindset and unwavering passion, one can rewrite their story, transforming from a corporate cog into a thriving entrepreneurial force. My mission now is to help others soar to the same heights of success, because when you follow your dreams, there's no limit to what you can achieve. 

Grey Brick Wall

Phoenix Risers

Our team of freelancing virtouosos!

A squad that's as diverse as it's dazzling!

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