Meet the
Phoenix Risers

We are a group of talented and passionate digital creatives / freelancers who joined forces to work with small business owners to strategize their online marketing presence for their business.


CEO and founder

graphics & social media

Amy leads the team. From her vision, Phoenix Marketing & Digital Design was founded in 2019. She thrives on helping small business owners bring their vision to online content. From working a corporate job to business ownership, Amy is passionate about online marketing, leadership growth and business development, improving client experience, and creative design.

She leads by customer-centric approach and embraces entrepreneurship with its growth, challenges, and rewarding experience, while keeping work-life balance a priority.  She is happy to empower her team with the same entrepreneur mindset to do what makes them happy.

When not managing, you can usually find her sipping coffee, practicing different self-care regimens, loves to travel, and spending time with her family.


managing partner

graphics designer

Joven’s love for art and design started at a young age. Drawing is one of his passionate hobbies. Joven has a diploma as a Civil Engineer Technologist from SAIT. The shift in the economy in the oil and gas industry made Joven pursue graphic design and became a managing partner at Phoenix.

Joven is constantly seeking knowledge to improve, pride in the quality of work, and discovering leadership and business development. Joven helps with product photography, branding, social media content creation and manages our printing services.

Joven enjoys kickboxing, mixed martial arts, cars, loves to travel, and spending time with his family.


social media manager

graphics designer

Sheena holds a degree in Communication Arts. Her incontestable skills were recognized by the school management and was appointed as a marketing officer, where she worked daily to create promotional materials for print and social media.  Her zest for creativity brought ample fortune to her starting career as she welcomed personal clients such as small business owners who hired her as their social media manager and product photographer.

Currently, she’s pioneering Social Media Influencer Marketing of a large nutrition company. On the side, she is a social media influencer who hooks her followers with every make-up look and product reviews she posts. Sheena loves to do creative make-ups. She is also a stage manager in theater productions. She loves arts, crafts, and creative journaling, and bullet journaling.


community manager

copywriter / fb ads manager

Nixie is a Social Media Executive with several years of experience working on social media calendars, content creations, copywriting, community management, running ads, writing reports, and the list goes on.

Nixie has a degree in Business Management and is passionate about creative writing. She works relatively close with our social media marketing team for copywriting, captioning, and content ideas. Nixie is a savvy community manager whose primary focus is to bridge brand and community by engagement, building relationships, and act as a voice and moderator. 

Nix enjoys spending time with her two kids and gaming.

Charlie & Arya

5am club members

wellness / distractions

These two can often be seen in our social media stories. They enjoy the attention and will often pose as brand ambassadors and will work for treats.

Charlie, the pomeranian is a mamas boy and loves to snuggle. He has an athletic appetite. He sits on laps and foresees all social media accounts.

Arya is a Siberian husky, who loves to talk and be part of every phone call and zoom meetings. She manages our exercise and breaks in between work to keep us moving.

Both love to sleep and somewhat like to be active when you are in the middle of doing something.

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