5 Pursuasive words that convert

Words play a very significant role in our lives as it influences our decision making and the way we set tone on our communications. Did you know studies have shown that there are certain words that can actually change your brain chemistry which can affect your decisions in life?

Seeing negative words releases stress hormones and negative feelings causing anxiety. While seeing positive words prompts motivational centers of the brain into action that end up creating initiatives.

Within these charges of negative and positives are certain words that if used within your content, can actually improve your conversions.

1. New – Everyone loves something new. We want to be the first to, the first to find, the first to know, the first to have.  

2. You – Yes, YOU! Beautiful son of a gun! Humans can be selfish beings.  What’s in it for you is what you asked. Let’s get your business visible. Customize and recognize branding. We can identify the pain points of providing what you desire and give you the solution that saves you time.

3. Free – FREE just makes you KING! Suddenly, when you receive something for free it puts our expectations aside for quality product for the meantime. In business, just be careful what you put out there. You don’t  want your quality devalued.

4. Because – Providing reason. Justification. Did you know that in any given time, providing reason and setting your tone from want to urgent gives 94% chance of compliance with the request. I want to highlight the study done by  Ellen Langer in 1978 – a Psychology professor in Harvard who put the concept in perspective.

5. Instantly – Now is the time! Technology has trained us to have high expectations and away from waiting. An average person now only has about 4 to 8 seconds attention span before they snap at their devices to load a web page. We want to see progress essentially “instantly” otherwise it doesn’t feel worth while.

By understanding the effect of setting your tone and having a remarkable way of putting words within your content will certainly help with your engagements with your client or personal relationships. There is power in asking and proper communication and correspondence always wins. When giving advise, you want your audience valued. If you are an master of your craft, provide the right tools, but don’t make anyone feel less.

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