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My vision is to build a business that adds value to all areas of online marketing. Following the values of integrity, authenticity, tenacity, and audacity.

Looking to build a strong team specializing in all areas of graphics, social media, video, SEO, and ecommerce.

About me

"It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most RESPONSIVE to CHANGE."
- Charles Darwin

My name is Amy Lo. Owner of Phoenix Marketing & Digital Design.  Jill of all trades of this company.  Currently focusing as an Online Marketing expert.  I’m a lifelong student and I’ve always had the entrepreneur mindset. I am consistently looking for new ways to earn a passive income. As much as I love long walks on the beach, I live in the city of Calgary, Alberta. We have snow 8 months long in a year. Nonetheless, I love my city with all the experiences it has brought me.

I grew up with the mentality of going to school, getting a job, work, get a promotion and hope to retire from the same job after 25 to 30 years! As dedicated as I was, that didn’t quite work out well for me. I am no longer in my 9 to 5. The changes in economy has made me relentless and transitions definitely made me resilient.

I have over 15 years of experience in Business Administration, Project Management, and Supply Chain from the oil and gas industry.  Although I had great opportunities, the uncertainty of the industry lead me to change my environment.  This allowed me to have the freedom to pursue what I always wanted. The next big step was to learn the fundamentals of Digital Marketing. I committed to studying online to grow knowledge and expertise. Now I’m leading my own company. 

1. Relentless

Aiming for greatness in every project. 

2. Resilient

Evolving with the market, life and in every situation.

Graphics & Media


Adobe Illustrator 

Adobe Spark





Digital Marketing

Business Administration

Supply Chain Management


Google apps

Microsoft 365


My Skills

Social Media Management

Content Creator

Website Design

Email opt-in / Sales funnel

Project Management

Business Administration


Event organizer

Fun Facts

50% Filipino and 50% Chinese

I can drink coffee 3 times a day

Love travelling to tropical countries

I have a Pomeranian and a Husky

I can’t swim

I love snowboarding

I have 6 tattoos

I’m a foodie

Red wine – Malbec

Flowers – Red Roses

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